Every pair of KASHO scissors is supplied with optimal tension settings; these do, however, occasionally need to be checked and readjusted as required, to ensure the durability of the cutting edge and to guarantee ease of use. Most KASHO scissors are therefore fitted with a tension adjustable screw to ease re-adjustment. The patented Disc Operation System ensures that the KASHO Millennium and XP Series are always perfectly tensioned. This sophisticated screw system consists of an enclosed ball bearing unit, a special spring and a synthetic disc that ensures uniform pressure and incredibly smooth operation. The enclosed ball bearing is free from collecting hair, dust and other substances so that nothing may affect the precise movement of the scissors, whilst the synthetic disc between the upper and lower blades minimises friction and wear of the blades. Thanks to this complex Disc Operation System with a replaceable synthetic disc the Millennium and the XP-Series have a considerably longer life span than any conventional models.


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