Hair Dryers

Professional Hair Dryer

The KASHO STYLING Professional Hair Dryer delivers soft, shiny results. Its ion generator emits over 2 million negative ions per cm³, revitalising hair and giving it an incomparable shine. It comes with a tourmaline grille coated in black, a set of two heat-resistant attachment nozzles, and can be operated at two speeds and six temperature levels.

Its quality motor delivers full performance, blowing 100 m³/hr at a pressure of 30 mbar and a volume of 70 db.

  Professional hair dryer with long-lasting
quality motor

Black tourmaline
Mood Tumalin
Mood Jorge González
  Ion generator sends 2+ million negative ions per cm³

2 speeds
6 temperature settings


Hair Dryers

The hair dryer with integrated
active oxygen treatment

The professional hairdryer with innovative technology: KASHO STYLING Hair Dryer Active Oxygen. Its integrated UV lamp generates active oxygen to optimally restore the hair's structure, and put an end to fiddling around with the mess.

The dryer emits 2 million negatively charged ions per cm³ of air to revitalise hair. Soft, shiny hair is the result. Two speeds and six temperature levels allow you to adjust the hair dryer to the individual styling decision. Its quality motor delivers full performance, blowing 100 m³/hr at a pressure of 30 mbar and a volume of 70 db. Clinically tested.

  UV lamp generates active oxygen to restore hair structure  
Mood UV Lamp
Mood Luftmenge
  Air volume
100 m³/hr
Press. bar 30 mbar
Sound vol. 70 db

With 2 heat-resistant attachment nozzles

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